Resources for your Equine.

At Pegasus, we are often asked for recommendations for equine service providers.  Although we are not affiliated with the following service providers, we use their expertise and value their services. 


We have also included some helpful links for equine related companies that may be of interest. Again, we are not affiliated with any of the companies or organizations.

Bob Toomer Horse Training
Evan Topham Horseshoeing, LLC

Bob Toomer is an excellent horseman, trainer and a true professional.  We have used Bob to start several of our colts and retrain a couple of horses we aqcuired.  He treats the horse with respect and expects the horse to respect him.  We have been very pleased with the training he has put into our horses.   


Contact Bob at 435-749-2461

Evan Topham graduated from Texas Horseshoeing School in February 2013.  


Evan currently trims and shoes all of the Pegasus Event Center horses as well as several boarders.  


He is now accepting new clients.  


For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Evan at  435-830-5349.

Law Office of Jaime Topham, PLLC

Associations and Clubs


Wasatch Range Eventing Association

Do you need a lease agreement drafted?  Or looking to do a will to protect your animals or even kids?


Jaime Topham is a licensed attorney who runs her practice at Pegasus Event Center.  The focus of her pratice is family law, but she also does wills, probate law and contract law.   Jaime can assist you with your legal needs.


For more information, contact Jaime at 435-884-3426.