Extreme Horseman's Challenge

After much consideration and debate, Pegasus Event Center has decided that they will no longer be hosting the Extreme Horsemans Challenge. After hosting the EHC for 9 years, Jaime and Evan Topham have decided to focus more of their energy and time on riding their own horses and taking a much needed vacation. We have enjoyed meeting every competitor and have watched so many horse and rider pairs improve their relationships and riding. We will be having 4 paid schooling days where various obstacles will be set up and riders will be allowed to school the obstacles as they wish. It will not be a judged competition and will be open to riders of all levels for the entire day. Please check back for updates and pricing on the schooling days. 



Photo by Jaime Topham

Jim Oaks negotiates the flag slalom

Photo by Victoria Flores

Bob Toomer drops off steps

Photo by Christina Vidal Adroher

Ignasi Feixas Maneu negotiates the Toothpicks


2014 Extreme Horseman's Challenge Winners

2015 Extreme Horseman's Challenge Winners

Jack Naplin with Emma, an OTTB that participates in the Open Division of the 2016 Extreme Horseman's Challenge

2016 Extreme Horseman's Challenge Winners



APRIL 28, 2018

JUNE 16, 2018

AUGUST 18, 2018

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018


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