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Off the Track Thoroughbreds

Pegasus Event Center is home to several Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds.   Jaime Topham has always had a love for OTTBs, which started with the first OTTB, A Little Restless.  He was purchased by her mother, Carol Buhler, from a feedlot in Utah.   "Copper" had been a school horse and somehow found himself in jeopardy of going to slaughter.  Jaime's trainer, at the time, found him and suggested that Carol purchase him. He wan't a good fit for Carol, but got along wonderfully with Jaime, who was just 12 years old.  Jaime went on to compete him at the local Hunter/Jumper Shows until he retired.  Copper got to live out the rest of his life at Pegasus, finally getting to live with a herd in the pasture.  


In 1997, Pegasus purchased its second OTTB, Royal Disguise.  He was a war horse, with 49 starts in his 4 year racing career.  He came off the track due to a back injury and was immediately started in dressage training.  He was not properly rehabilitated and ended up being sold to a Hunter/Jumper rider because he was not excelling at Dressage.  The next owner did the proper rehabilitation for his back, but then found him too difficult for her to ride.  She placed him with a trainer that overfaced him in the jumping ring, and he was soon up for sale.  Pegasus bought him and spent 4 years rehabilitating his mind and legs to be a jumper.  Jaime showed him through Training Level eventing and 4' jumpers before his retirement in 2008.  Disguise spent his remaining years living in a herd of horses, loved and cared for.  He will forever hold a place in Jaime's heart.


Over the years, Pegasus also purchased Country Road, Mighty Rue and Miss Calif Goddess.  Each had a career in eventing and jumping and have retired at Pegasus.  Mighty Rue passed away of natural causes in 2013.  He was 23 and had spent his last 10 years in comfort in a herd of horses, just being a horse.


Although several of the OTTBs that ended up at Pegasus over the years came from bad situations, Pegasus was not actively rescuing OTTBs.  It wasn't until 2013, when Kathleen Boyle, a longtime student at Pegasus, rescued an OTTB mare, Katie, from a feedlot in Washington that sparked renewed passion for the plight of the OTTB.  


Katie was a 3 year old mare that was found in a feedlot waiting to go to slaughter.  She had not shipped because she had a very large wound on her neck and was so thin, she could barely stand.  Kathleen paid her bail fee and got her transported to a holding facility until she could pick her up.  The morning before Kathleen planned to make the trip to Washington, she got a call from the holding facility informing her that sweet Katie was down and could not get up.  With a heavy heart, Kathleen made the decision to humanely euthanize Katie.  Katie had been starved to the point that her internal organs were failing and she could no longer continue.   


After that experience, Kathleen made it her mission to help out any time that she could.  Pegasus has stepped up with her to rescue those most in need.  


Meet the OTTBs 

Royal Disguise

Disguise became part of the Pegasus family when Carol Buhler purchased him for Jaime in 1997.  The plan was that he would be retrained and sold as a jumper.  After several years of struggles and growing pains, Jaime and Disguise became an inseparable team.  Jaime competed Disguise through Training Level evening and 4' Jumpers.  Disguise passed away at home at the age of 21.

Tin Roof Sundae

Summer came to Pegasus through a boarder that could no longer keep her. After some fine tuning by Bob Toomer, she has started her jumping career. 

Country Dragon

Tex came to Pegasus from a local family that could no longer afford to feed him.  He was extremely underweight at the time that he arrived.  He made a full recovery in 4 weeks, but has ringbone and is no longer sound.  Tex spends his days with his palsbachlor herd acting like a 2 year old.  He will live out his days in retirement.

Miss Calif Godess

Cali became a member of the Pegasus family when her owner stopped paying board.  Jaime successfully competed her through 3'6" in the jumpers until she was retired due to an unfortunate accident.  Cali fractured several bones in her hock and pulled several of her tendons.  She will never be ridden again and spends her days hanging out in the pasture with her pals. 

So Cal Grad

Jaime found Marley on facebook through a California Rescue.  He was 4 years old and being sent to slaughter.  A broker picked him up and offered him to the rescue.  In 48 hours time, he was saved from the slaughter truck and arrived at Pegasus.  He is in training to be a Hunter/Jumper.   

Country Road
Prized Pistol

Jake was purchased by Audrey Van Riper in 2006 near Los Angeles, CA as a hunter/jumper prospect. Jake foundered and was told that he would never be able to jump again. Audrey decided to try their hand at dressage and started working with various trainers in San Diego and LA, where he was successfully trained up to second level dressage. Jake is currently re-entering the show circuit as a hunter and dressage horse. 

Smokeys Crest
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